Special time

Do you think that you should try something new and extraordinary? You don´t want be a person, who don´t have any interesting experience, but you would like to pass new things till you are young? We understand, and that´s the reason, why can we offer you special Prague tantric massages . Maybe it doesn´t looks like extraordinary, but we are sure that it is only first view. This procedure has origin in India and eastern areas. It works hundreds years, so we are sure that you will find something for you in this procedure. Masseuse must have specific course, because tantric rite is also about knowledge. She must know, where to touch you and how. She will use lots of object that will help you with relaxation.

Touches like never before

You will feel unforgettable touches, because also warm towel can surprise you. There must be absolutely great atmosphere, because it is one thing that can help you with relaxation. Then is important masseuse, who should be sympathetic for you – you should lose all scruples. It is so specific that you shouldn´t miss this occasion.